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Supply Chain Excellence (SCX) for Demand Planning

Boost forecast accuracy and build consensus demand plans directly within your SAP system

Improve your forecasting accuracy and operational efficiency with our Demand Planning solution. Tailored for dynamic markets, our tool leverages sophisticated algorithms to process trends and seasonality, empowering your team to make data-driven decisions. Enhance sales potential and encourage seamless collaboration across departments, setting a new standard for business planning and accountability.

How can we handle unexpected market changes and maintain accurate inventory levels?

Integrate real-time data into your demand planning to swiftly adapt to market changes, helping ensure your inventory levels are always aligned with current demand trends.

How do we reduce the time and resources spent on manual forecasting processes?

Our advanced forecasting tools automate data analysis and reduce the need for manual input, saving significant time and resources while increasing efficiency.

How can we ensure our sales, production, and procurement teams are aligned with demand forecasts?

Facilitate seamless collaboration between sales, production, and procurement by providing a unified, transparent view of demand forecasts, ensuring all teams are aligned and working towards common goals.


Demand Planning benefits

Seamless SAP Integration

Leverage existing data in SAP without the need for complex interfaces or data migration.

Advanced Forecasting Techniques

Utilize 20+ forecasting models to handle complex patterns, seasonality, and promotional impacts more effectively.

Data Consistency and Accuracy

Ensure that demand planning is based on the most current and accurate information with real-time data from SAP.​​​​​​​

Collaborative Planning

Allows sales, marketing, and operations departments to contribute to and view the demand planning process.

Scenario Planning and Simulation

Test multiple 'what-if' scenarios within your SAP system and understand the potential impacts of different decisions.

Reduced Planning Time and Effort

Reduce manual efforts with automated processes that free up time to focus on strategic analysis and decision-making.

How our Demand Planning solution works

Forecast planning sheet

The planning sheet is the foundation of our Demand Planning solution. It enables users to compile and analyze relevant forecast data effectively. Planners can adjust and review forecasts in a user-friendly interface, directly within SAP.

Planning hierarchy

Our solution utilizes a structured hierarchy that categorizes data into different levels such as countries, regions, plants, brands, customers, and more. This helps in organizing the forecast data more systematically and supports more granular analysis.

Customizable planning scenarios

Our solution supports flexible planning scenarios, such as a 12-month rolling forecast based on historical data (like the past 36 months, for example). This adaptability allows businesses to tailor their forecasting process to their specific needs.

Planning execution

After setting up the initial parameters, the system executes the forecast, taking into account all the defined settings and data sources. This results in a consolidated forecast that can be reviewed and adjusted as needed.

Planning dashboard

An interactive visual tool that provides an overview of forecast variance and outliers. This dashboard is useful for quickly assessing the status of forecasts and identifying areas that may require attention.


Additional Demand Planning features

Material sets

Material sets are assigned to the hierarchy and ensure your forecasting aligns correctly with your business's unique structure and needs.

Copy rules and versioning

These are small programs within our solution that help import historical data and manage different versions of forecasts. This facilitates data management and ensures that users can keep track of changes and updates.

Data sources

The software pulls data from various sources within your SAP environment, such as standard SAP tables, material master consumption, and historical data from our Procurement solution. It also supports data import from external sources like Excel.

Forecast procedures and algorithms

Our solution offers a range of forecasting methods to suit different business needs, including constant, trend, seasonal, and irregular forecasts. This variety allows for more accurate predictions based on the unique characteristics of each data set. Below is a chart detailing the range of our forecast procedures compared to standard SAP.

Forecast Procedure Constant Trend Seasonal Seasonal Trend Irregular
Moving Average        
Moving Average with Trend        
First Order Exponential Smoothing        
Second Order Exponential Smoothing        
Winters Additive      
Winters Multiplicative      
Seasonal Factors  
Linear Regression        
Winters Trend        


Applicable industries


Challenges: Overproduction, underutilization of resources, and high inventory costs.

Demand Planning Benefits: Offers precise demand forecasts to streamline production planning, improve resource allocation, and minimize inventory waste, leading to significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.


Challenges: Maintaining optimal inventory levels for essential medications and medical supplies without causing shortages or overstock.

Demand Planning Benefits: Delivers accurate demand planning to ensure the availability of critical healthcare products, enabling providers to meet patient needs without excess inventory, crucial for life-saving care and treatments.


Challenges: Rapid technological advancements, short product life cycles, and volatile consumer demand.

Demand Planning Benefits: Delivers dynamic forecasting capabilities that adapt to the fast-paced nature of the electronics market. Helps electronics manufacturers and retailers anticipate consumer trends, manage the end-to-end lifecycle of products efficiently, and enable them to meet demand without overinvesting in rapidly changing product lines.

Food and Beverage

Challenges: Dealing with perishable goods, varying shelf life, and fluctuating consumer demand.

Demand Planning Benefits: Provides detailed demand forecasts that help manage perishable inventory efficiently, reducing spoilage and waste while ensuring that supply meets demand, particularly during peak seasons.

Consumer Goods

Challenges: Anticipating consumer trends, managing seasonal fluctuations, and launching new products successfully.

Demand Planning Benefits: Offers detailed demand analysis and predictive insights to help consumer goods companies forecast market trends, manage inventory through peak seasons, and plan effectively for new product launches, ensuring products are available where and when needed.


Start your journey towards optimized Demand Planning now

Don't let fluctuating demand, seasonal peaks, or rapid market changes disrupt your business operations. With our Demand Planning solution integrated into your SAP system, you can make data-driven decisions that lead to improved cost savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a stronger competitive edge.

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