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  1. Supply Chain Management
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Enhance your SAP environment

Solve supply chain problems faster with ifm

Our supply chain solutions embed into your SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA system, providing you with advanced planning, forecasting, and inventory management capabilities directly within SAP.

Optimize your SAP system with ifm's supply chain solutions

Advanced planning and forecasting

Utilize sophisticated algorithms and data models to predict demand accurately and manage inventory efficiently.

Real-time data visibility

Access dashboards with up-to-the-minute information across your supply chain for better decision-making and quicker responses to changes.

Automated workflows

Reduce manual intervention and streamline processes to enhance productivity and reduce errors.

Seamless integration

Enjoy a hassle-free, secure integration process with our solutions developed in ABAP, ensuring compatibility with your existing SAP environment.

Enhanced collaboration

Break down silos and connect teams with synchronized processes and shared insights.

Custom dashboards and alerts

Get personalized views and notifications to stay on top of key metrics and potential issues.

Your current SAP reality

Fragmented data

Teams struggle with disjointed systems and fragmented data, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of real-time visibility.

Manual processes

Many supply chain operations rely on manual processes, which are time-consuming and prone to errors.

Limited forecast accuracy

Basic forecasting methods fail to accurately predict demand, resulting in stock-outs or excess inventory.

Delayed decision-making

Without overarching visibility, decision-making is often reactive and done in isolation, leading to missed opportunities and increased risks.

Planning and executing supply chain operations with ifm

Integrated data

ifm solutions integrate with SAP to provide a single source of truth and real-time data visibility across your supply chain.

Automated processes

Automation of key supply chain tasks reduces manual intervention, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

Enhanced forecast accuracy

Advanced forecasting models improve demand predictions, optimizing inventory levels and reducing costs.

Proactive decision-making

Access to real-time insights and early warning alerts enables proactive decision-making, improving response times and reducing risks.

Add-On vs. Add-In SAP ERP Solutions: Key Differences and Benefits

Learn the distinctions between add-on and add-in SAP ERP solutions

Explore the critical differences between add-on and add-in solutions for extending your SAP ERP capabilities. Learn about the advantages and challenges to choosing the best approach for optimizing your ERP system.

Our seamless integration process

Setup and installation

We work with your project team for initial setup, including software installation, user ID creation, and VPN configuration for secure access.

Project kickoff

We kick off the project with a detailed meeting to gather requirements and blueprint the solution. Work packages are created to align our solutions with your business needs.

Configuration and testing

Our team configures the solution, followed by thorough internal unit testing. We then deploy it to a quality environment for further validation.

User training and acceptance

We conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure the solution meets your needs and provide comprehensive end-user training for smooth adoption.


We manage the cutover activities, transitioning smoothly from your existing systems to the new integrated solution, and ensure a successful go-live.

On-going support and optimization

After deployment, we offer continuous support and additional training to optimize performance, address any issues, and ensure continuous improvement.

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