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IO-Link sensor signal to 2x 4-20 mA

Wiring diagram IO-Link device to analogue converter

Operating principle and parameter setting of the EIO104 converter

IO-Link sensors often provide several measured values at the same time, e.g. conductivity sensors with integrated temperature measurement. To connect these sensors to existing control systems, the EIO104 converts two digital measured values into two analogue signals (4...20 mA). Now the system hardware is prepared for future digitisation.

The converter can be used quickly and easily without parameterisation. However if required, it can also be parameterised via IO-Link, e.g. for scaling analogue values.

Hygienic housing

Special housing materials as well as the high protection class IP 67 / IP 69K allow, for example, the use in the food industry even with high-pressure cleaning and aggressive cleaning agents.

FAQs about the EIO104 converter