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IO-Link data splitter

Integrate the IO-Link data splitter with controllers, moneo, masters and sensors

Transmit process values to the controller and the higher IT level

In older installations, analogue or binary output signals from sensors are often sent directly to standard input cards of controllers and processed further there. Most of today’s sensors are equipped with IO-Link, meaning relevant IO-Link data would be lost with conventional use.

The IO-Link data splitter enables use and processing of this data in a conventional control system that previously operated in the standard I/O (SIO) mode. The controller-related binary signal still passes through to the PLC inputs in SIO mode. In addition, it transmits process values and other sensor data via IO-Link to higher-level systems such as moneo. Depending on the sensor, this can also be implemented for analogue signals using a Y cable. It is also possible to configure the sensor parameters using moneo and an appropriate IO-Link master.

FAQs about data splitters