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IO-Link pulse counter

Integration of the pulse counter with IO-Link, sensor, controller and master

Pulse counters and detectors

We offer a great variety of sensors that can detect various events. But what if you are not interested in the event, but in the number of events? Go for the DP2302 and install it between the sensor and the next higher data node (such as an IO-Link master).
Pulses with a frequency of up to 2kHz can be counted via digital input 1 of the DP2302 unit; the counting direction can be reversed via digital input 2. The current counter value is shown on the display.

If the DP2302 is connected to an IO-Link master, it will transmit the counter value, the batch counter value and two binary signals via IO-Link, which are switched depending on the configured switching conditions. The controller can simply access this data without having to perform any data recordings or calculations itself. If required, the counter values can be reset by the controller via bits in the process data.

The DP2302 can also fulfil its tasks without an IO-Link connection. The parameters are set via the orange caps on the device, which serve as four pushbuttons. The two digital switching outputs switch according to the configured switching conditions and indicate that the set number has been reached.