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Analogue signals to IO-Link

Link between sensor, converter, master, cloud systems and PLC

Digitisation of standard signals with IO-Link

The DP2200 and DP1222 converters can translate the common analogue signals 4...20 mA and 0...10 V into IO-Link communication. Install the converter between the analogue sensor and the IO-Link master to integrate analogue sensors without IO-Link into your IO-Link infrastructure.

Flow-dependent control of a signal lamp using an analogue to IO-Link converter

Besides transmitting the analogue signal to IO-Link, the converters can also monitor it. Switching conditions can then be defined via IO-Link. For example, a signal lamp can be switched depending on the current flow value.

The DP2200 can also be operated without an IO-Link connection. The orange caps on the device serve as pushbuttons for parameter setting. The analogue signal can also be passed through unaltered in order to operate a local display unit or process the analogue signal in an existing plant.

FAQ about analogue to IO-Link converters