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Pressure sensor for pneumatic applications

The PQ Cube is the ideal choice for pneumatic applications of any kind. The measuring cell used so far and which has already distinguished itself in previous PQ generations through its high resistance to dust and dirt, is also used in the new version.

Not only the inner values are convincing. The 1” display clearly shows process values in various layouts, while switch points are signalled via the LEDs. Set-up is also quick and easy with the installation wizard.

The PQ Cube in detail

Product benefits of the PQ Cube

Coated measuring cell

The coated and sealed silicon measuring cell from ifm offers excellent media resistance and always works reliably even under adverse environmental conditions. Especially in industrial applications with vacuum grippers, the air is often contaminated with dust. This does not affect the measuring cell any more than compressed air containing oil.

Full graphic 1” TFT display and switch point LEDs

Process values, switch points and other information available via IO-Link can be read at a glance on the display. Different display layouts with a clear red-green colour change can be flexibly selected for visualisation.

Installation wizard

The PQ pressure sensor can be set up quickly and easily using the installation wizard. The wizard guides you through the set-up process in a total of 9 languages and asks for all the relevant attributes for your application. Subsequent and further changes can be made flexibly via IO-Link or on the device itself using the 3 buttons.

The virtual PQ as a click dummy

See the display and the installation wizard for yourself in our click dummy. The click dummy may differ from the original and does not reflect all functionalities!

Open the menu or installation wizard / confirm entry
Menu navigation


Compressed air treatment

The treatment of compressed air is an essential factor for the functionality and service life of pneumatic systems. Thanks to the sophisticated mounting concept, the pressure sensor can be installed in your maintenance unit without the need for adapters, making it an ideal component for compressed air treatment.
Via the full graphic 1" display you can see at all times whether the process values are within the target range.

Monitoring and measurement of the system pressure

For smooth operation of your plant the PQ Cube monitors the system pressure reliably in a measuring range from -1 up to 16 bar.
Operation and set-up of the sensor is quick and easy via the 3 buttons and the intuitive menu navigation. Set-up is supported by the installation wizard, which is available in 9 different languages.

Vacuum and gripping applications

In vacuum and gripping applications, the PQ Cube scores with its robust measuring cell which is extremely resistant to dust, dirt and moisture. Another plus point of the sensor is the visualisation of the process values and the clear red-green colour change.
When installing the sensors you can choose between wall, DIN rail and panel mounting.

Flexible mounting options

Added value thanks to IO-Link

  • Transparent processes
    In addition to the current pressure, the device and media temperature are also output acyclically via IO-Link. This makes it easy to keep an eye on your process at all times.
  • Logging and simulation of process values and events
    In addition to displaying and logging the process values, various events can also be recorded and simulated via IO-Link. These include the operating hours since start-up, the number of overpressure events and the switching cycles on both outputs.
  • Loss-free data transmission with connection technology without shielding
    IO-Link enables loss-free data transmission, as conversion losses are excluded via digital communication and external influences, such as magnetic fields, have no effect on data transmission.
  • Flexible configuration remotely or directly on the HMI
    The pressure sensor can be configured quickly and easily via IO-Link - either remotely or during the process.