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Vortex flow meter for industrial environments

The vortex flow meters of the SV product family work according to the vortex measuring principle.

The sensors provide a cost-effective solution for a wide range of industrial applications. Not only the price, but also the performance is right. The sensors impress with high measuring accuracy and withstand even harsh process conditions thanks to their high resistance.

Product advantages of the vortex sensor

Works in a wide range of water-based applications
The vortex measuring principle is ideal for applications with ultrapure water, water and water-based media, as it is unaffected by the conductivity of the medium. The sensors are a suitable solution in cooling systems for monitoring the cooling capacity, in drinking water supplies and in other applications.
Flow rate and temperature detection with one sensor
In addition to the current flow rate, the sensors also detect the temperature of the medium. Thanks to the integrated temperature measurement, no additional measuring point in is needed the system.
Cost-efficient and accurate
The cost-efficient vortex flow meters measure the volumetric flow in a wide range of industrial applications with an accuracy of +/-2 %. For example, the water supply in indoor farming can be monitored and controlled with precision.
The housing withstands harsh industrial conditions
Both the sensors with stainless steel housing and the all-plastic version can withstand harsh environments at all times. The revised all-plastic version impresses with its high pressure resistance (16 bar up to 90 °C) and temperature resistance (up to 125 °C).
System connection via IO-Link or analogue
The two device series cover a wide range of system connections. While the display version also has frequency and dual analogue variants (100...1000 Hz, 2 x 4...20 mA) in addition to IO-Link, the all-plastic version can also be used as a pure transmitter (4...20 mA) via 2-wire technology. In addition, a PT1000 signal can be detected and analysed.

Use cases for the vortex sensor

The vortex sensors reliably measure the flow rate in water and water-based media. Not only can the cooling capacity in cooling water applications be ensured, but the right amount of water for growing plants in indoor farming can also be precisely controlled. The use cases provide an insight into applications that have already been solved for our customers.

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System connection of vortex sensors

Product overview

The SV display device series and IO-Link

  • Visualisation of process and switching values via TFT display and LEDs
  • Robust and compact stainless steel housing with protection rating IP65 and IP67
  • Continuous monitoring of flow and temperature via IO-Link (versions with dual analogue outputs 4...20 mA available)
  • Rotatable inline fittings for quick and easy integration

The SV all-plastic device series with analogue and PT1000 output signals

  • One-piece design withstands high pressures and process temperatures
  • Durable and robust thanks to hydrolysis-resistant plastic
  • 2-wire technology for use as transmitter only
  • Device versions with drinking water approval

FAQ about vortex flow sensors

Vortex flow meter technology

Depending on its velocity, the flowing medium generates reciprocal turbulence on a bluff body installed in the measuring tube. This turbulence is detected by a piezoceramic sensor. If the cross-section is known, the number of the vortices allows to determine the flow rate. The innovation: The flow measurement method is largely independent of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the medium.