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  1. Real-time maintenance
  2. Vibration
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  4. Single point monitoring

Single point monitoring

Self-contained switches and transmitters – VK and VT series

Vibration switches and transmitters are easy devices to integrate. 

  • Accelerometer and evaluation electronics in one housing.
  • RMS velocity (v-RMS) per the ISO 10816 standard, frequency range of 10…1000 Hz.
  • This is one of the easiest methods of overall vibration monitoring for typical industrial machinery.

Most industrial machines with motor speeds from 600...3000 rpm fall into the 10...1000 Hz band. Detecting damage at an early stage increases machine availability and avoids secondary damage.

Transmitters have the added benefit of being able to easily trend overall machine health over time.

Monitoring the 4...20 mA signal from the transmitter allows you to detect rising levels of vibration prior to reaching a warning or alarm limit.

The VK and VT families have a working range of v-RMS up to 50 mm/sec. The VT family has a protection rating of IP69K for use in harsh areas subject to high and/or low temperatures, washdown, outdoor, aggressive and other difficult applications.

These products detect vibration increases caused by defects such as:

  • unbalance
  • misalignment
  • looseness