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Product platforms: vibration instruments

Systems for vibration monitoring -- from sensor to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ifm provides a wide range of vibration solutions from simple switches to fully programmable systems aimed at improving your machine uptime and overall profitability.

Comparison of ifm vibration instruments in regards to application flexibility

Which solution below best describes your application or machine? Click on the desired platform to learn more.

    Vibration sensor platform
Single point Multiple points IO-Link monitoring Programmable Edge controller
Application Machines




Type 1 machines
Basic monitoring

Simple machines, single switch / analog output

Simple motors and fans ++ ++ +++  

Type 1 machines
Multiple measurements and locations

Multiple indicators for broad range of fault conditions

Indirect driven fans and pumps + ++ +++ +

Type 1 / Type 2 machines
Multiple measurement Ethernet system

Easy to deploy, multiple points, networking capability

Blowers and simple speed reducers     +++ ++

Type 3 machines
Complex machine and process monitoring

Machines requiring multiple points with root cause capability and process monitoring

Centrifugal compressors and machine tools     ++ +++

Integration methods

Online condition monitoring and real-time maintenance can easily be added to your existing controls and network architecture. It can be upscaled as your needs change.

Overview of different integration methods between vibration instruments and ERP systems