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Installation guidelines

For best operation and reliability, follow the guidelines explained below and in our published operating instructions.

LDL100 and LDL200

Pipe size / recommended fittings


Preferable mounting is just before or in a vertical pipe with flow going up to ensure a full pipe. When installed in a horizontal pipe, install the sensor at a maximum of 45° from horizontal to avoid the influence of air bubbles or deposits but ensure the medium is in contact with the sensor tip.

Top mounting may be acceptable under the following conditions:

  • Pressurized pipe
  • Full pipe
  • No air bubbles

Straight pipe runs

To eliminate disturbances caused by bends, valves, pipe reductions, etc., provide at least 5 times the pipe diameter of straight run before and after the sensor.

LDL200 only

Alignment of measuring channel

The measurement channel of the LDL200 must be installed parallel to the direction of flow. An alignment mark is laser etched on the body of the sensor indicating the correct orientation in the pipe.

Tank mounting

Ensure the measuring channel (1) is vertical to prevent air bubbles and deposits.

LDL100 only

Mounting in plastic pipes

The design of the LDL100 requires both electrodes to be in contact with the medium. Therefore, a metal fitting such as E43313 (G1/2 BSPP x ¾” NPT) is recommended. The LDL200 is not affected due to its design.