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Electrical control cabinets

PLCs, VFD drives, relays and contactors are sensitive to humidity levels in the plant. Most electrical control cabinets offer IP20 protection and will not offer any protection against moisture that can seep into the enclosure through fittings, doors and other seal points. If left undetected, the moisture can cause failure of the electrical / electronic components, leading to long periods of downtime.

The LDH29x sensors continuously monitor moisture level and temperature to keep production equipment always available.

Vending machines

Moisture-related malfunctions or short circuiting is not uncommon for automated vending machines due to the environment in which they are located. Ticket machines, ATMs and other machines located outdoors see natural deviations in temperature and rain.

The LDH humidity sensor continuously monitors conditions inside these machines to protect them from unexpected downtime.

Production processes

Depending on the process, product quality can be greatly affected by changing humidity and temperature conditions. Permanent indoor climate monitoring ensures product quality in applications and areas such as

  • Adhesive curing
  • Paint and coating
  • Material storage areas
  • Food and beverage aging and storage areas
  • Environmental climate control

Server rooms

Server rooms house powerful electronics that generate heat and the air inside the room is conditioned to prevent the electronics from overheating and causing a server failure.

The LDH sensor provides an extra check of the temperature and humidity in the room to ensure the server operates reliably without interruption.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines are subject to heavily fluctuating conditions. If the system is not in operation it cools downs to -40 °C. To prevent damage to the electronics caused by condensation, a heating system is switched on to bring the electronics up to operating temperature. The heating continues to reduce the condensation until the air humidity sensor detects when the ideal temperature has been reached so that the system can restart. This prevents short-circuiting of the high voltage system if it is switched on too early.

Test stands

Text stands are used to test products under constant conditions or under deliberately changed conditions. So that the results are comparable, reproducable and plausible it is necessary to have an exact documentation of all data. The air humidity sensor provides the relevant air humidity and temperature values which have occurred during the test procedures.