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Registration, download and activation

Congratulations on your purchase! Next steps:

Whether you are an experienced user or a mere beginner, we have all the information you need to get started successfully.

We guide you step by step through the process so that you will be done in no time - whether setting up the cloud or installing for your local production and other tools or devices.

moneo Cloud

Once you have registered with mobile IoT suite, you can use this account to activate your personal cloud instance.

moneo on-premises

Download moneo. Then activate the licences you acquired. No download necessary for devices with pre-installed software.

Vision Assistant Monitoring Tool

All information about the installation and activation of the Vision Assistant Monitoring Tool

OPC-UA server

Once you have installed the VSE OPC UA server, you can activate the acquired licences in the software.


Set-up, management and licensing. All information about io-key management and licensing

Installation and activation support

Do you need assistance with the installation or activation?

Just get in touch. We will accompany you on your way. To meet your requirements, our ifm system sales team will support you right from the start - ranging from strategic consulting to the development of individual software and hardware solutions and the corresponding implementation and further services.