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OPC UA server for VSE - here is your software.

Congratulations on obtaining your VSE OPC UA licence(s)!
Next steps:

Before using the software for the first time on a target system, you must first install the VSE OPC UA server and then activate the licences you acquired. In order to do so, you have received one or more LACs (licence activation codes) by email.

How to activate the OPC UA server for VSE

Once you have installed the VSE OPC UA server, you can activate the acquired licences in the software. You can choose between online and offline activation. The latter is the right choice for target systems without an active internet connection.

Offline activation is done via your user account in "my ifm", under "my software”. The fingerprint of the target system will be required and the software must be installed.

Licence activation must be done on the target system, and the licences will be bound to this system!