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moneo Cloud – activation

Thank you for subscribing to moneo IIoT Core Cloud.

To begin using moneo, explore this library of how-to videos. This page contains our step-by-step activation guidelines. Following the sequence of steps is crucial for ensuring the proper activation of your Cloud license.

If you require further assistance, please reach out to our service center at 1-800-441-8246 to speak with one of our application engineers.

How-to activate your moneo Cloud videos
Area Description Watch video
mobile IoT suite and cloud suite setup Step 1: Sign up for mobile IoT suite
In this video, we walk you through the sign-up process for the mobile IoT suite, the comprehensive portal for managing all aspects of your moneo Cloud experience. Run time 1:32
Step 2: Create your cloud instance for moneo Cloud
In this video, we guide you through the process of signing into the mobile IoT suite and provide a brief overview of the portal's features. You'll also see a step-by-step demonstration on how to create your own moneo Cloud instance. Run time 3:48
Step 3: Sign into your moneo Cloud instance
In this video, we walk you through the initial account creation process and demonstrate how to sign into your moneo Cloud instance. Run time 1:25
edgeGateway and connectivity setup Step 4: Connect and install the AE2100 Gateway
In this video, we describe the steps to connect the AE2100 to your moneo Cloud instance. We go over the actions needed to connect the AE2100 to the internet and your workstation. Once the connections have been established, we go through the setup wizard to link the AE2100 to your moneo Cloud instance. Run time 4:09
Step 5: Configure network settings of the AE2100
In this video, we demonstrate how to access the Appliance Management System (AMS). Within the AMS, we review all the default port configurations and give suggestions on best practices. Run time 1:36
moneo Cloud data environment setup Step 6: Onboard sensors and use infopoints inside of moneo Coud
In this video, we guide you through the process of onboarding an IO-Link Master onto the AE2100. We demonstrate the two available methods for onboarding and describe how to customize the sensor data stream. Additionally, we explain how infopoints are consumed based on your chosen data flow, ensuring you understand the full functionality and optimization of your setup. Run time 3:44
Step 7: Develop your topology and create dashboards inside of moneo Cloud
In this video, we walk you through the proper ways to organize your topology for optimal performance. We also demonstrate the customization capabilities available when creating a dashboard, allowing you to tailor the interface to your specific needs. Run time 3:08

Create your account

Apply for an account for the mobile IoT suite at https://suite.miot.ifm/account/sign-up. To identify yourself, please have your licence activation code (LAC) as well as your email address and telephone number ready.


You will then receive an email with the access data for the mobile IoT suite. It can take up to 24 hours for the access data to be available. Once in possession of the access data, please log in.


If you have already a user for the mobile IoT suite, you can skip this step.


Register now

Activate the cloud

Create your personal moneo Cloud instance. Please have the following information ready to be entered in the mobile IoT suite:

  • the licence activation code that you have received by email
  • the region in which your cloud instance is operated and your data is stored. You can choose from data centres in Western Europe and Eastern USA
  • the name of the cloud instance to be created
  • the web address (URL at which your cloud instance is to be accessible)
  • the email address of the first moneo user (administrator)

An email will be sent to the email address provided to enable the first user to access the moneo Cloud.


Activate the cloud


Would you like to directly connect your Edge device? This can be done in two ways:

  • moneo edgeGateway (AE2100, AE2400) can be connected directly via the device setup wizard to your cloud instance. Please note the instructions in the Quick Start Guide and the manual available in the download area.

  • ifm io-key (AIK001, AIK050) can be connected to your cloud instance via the mobile IoT suite.

Installation and activation support

Do you need assistance with the installation or activation?

Just get in touch. We will accompany you on your way. To meet your requirements, our ifm system sales team will support you right from the start - ranging from strategic consulting to the development of individual software and hardware solutions and the corresponding implementation and further services.