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Program for flow calculation

Calculate flow velocity, flow rate or inside pipe diameter.

Program description

The calculation program is a tool to calculate flow velocity, flow rate or inside pipe diameter.

  • First click on the parameter to be calculated in the selection box. The two free parameters are then automatically prepared as input field.
  • You can then enter the values for the two missing parameters and add the suitable unit via a drop-down box.
  • Selection box "Include sensor in the calculation tip": For small diameters (<25mm) the free pipe cross-section changes critically as a result of the displacement of the sensor tip which is inserted into the pipe. The indication of the installation depth of the sensor is therefore specially important for small pipe diameters. The calculation of the area of the sensor tip is based on the diameter of the ifm type SI5000. The installation depth is specified from the pipe inside. This is approx. 12 mm. This size can however change for special T-pieces or adapters.
  • For the inside pipe diameter please refer to the enclosed list "threaded pipe according to DIN2440". A click on the marked link opens a separate window with this table.
  • After all necessary values have been entered the program starts by clicking on the button "calculate".
  • The results are indicated in a table with all parameters and units.
  • You can start a new calculation after indicating the changed parameters and pressing the button "calculate".

Calibration of SB type flow sensors

The calibration factor [CGA] is used to adjust the temperature-viscosity compensation of the sensor to the characteristics of the oil used. The calibration factor influences the slope of the measurement characteristic of the flow measurement. The viscosity specified for the area of application of the sensor (technical data) applies to an oil temperature of 40 °C. For this oil, the sensor automatically compensates the viscosity change in the temperature range of 20...70 °C. The viscosity at 40 °C is not variable. The specified compensation characteristic is openly documented in the ifm calculation tool. If the viscosity behaviour deviates via the temperature due to additives in the oil used, the deviation can be reduced through calibration.