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Hygienic radar level sensor with IO-Link

Trouble-free monitoring of large tanks

With the LW2720 level sensor, levels of liquid media in tanks with a height of up to 10 metres can be monitored precisely and without blind areas. The non-contact radar measuring principle prevents malfunctions or failures of the sensor caused by the adhesion of viscous media or damage from agitators.

The 80 GHz frequency used ensures stable and precise mea-­surement results even in the presence of steam or condensate in the tank. The sensor is designed for use in hygienic areas, so that even CIP and SIP processes or the use of spray balls do not impair its proper functioning.

More convenience thanks to IO-Link

The powerful LW2720 package is completed by the following comfort factors: Sensor installation only takes a few minutes, and sensor parameters can be conveniently set and read out remotely via IO-Link.

Possible applications for the hygienic radar level sensor

In large storage tanks as well as in tanks with agitators or spray balls, the LW2720 radar level sensor precisely monitors the current fill level at all times and automatically hides installed components. The use cases provide an insight into applications already solved with our customers.