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Radar sensor for open and closed containers

Precise measurement on open and closed tanks and

The LW2120 radar level sensor measures levels of liquid media up to 10 metres precisely and without blind areas. The 80 GHz frequency used ensures stable and precise measurement results, even in the presence of steam or condensate in the tank for example.

With the antenna extension, available as an accessory, the sensor may also be used outside closed metal tanks, for example on open tubs.

The radar measuring system can also penetrate through non-metallic walls, allowing the level sensor to be easily mounted above plastic tanks such as IBC containers.

Precise monitoring in industrial environments

LW2120 in detail

Explore the functions of the new radar level sensor in our 3D model, see the product benefits, read about possible applications, find out how to connect LW2120 to existing controllers and experience the benefits of IO-Link. For any further questions, visit the FAQ section.