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Precise pressure sensor, also with additional temperature monitoring

Continuous transmission of process values and advanced diagnostics in a housing with 19 mm across flats

  • Two solutions: continuous transmission of process values via IO-Link and 2 switching outputs
  • Full parameter setting and advanced diagnostics via IO-Link
  • Compact design (AF19) with process connection G 1/4
  • Switch point accuracy < ± 0.5 %, repeatability < ± 0.05 %
  • Robust low-cost solution with welded stainless steel housing
  • Integrated temperature measurement removes need for multiple instruments (only PV80xx)

Miniaturisation for industrial applications
The PV pressure sensor features a thin-film measuring cell directly welded with the process connection. This technology guarantees high accuracy in a very compact housing with only 19 mm across flats at a cost-optimised price/performance ratio.

With the sealless design of the process connection the sensors can be used not only in hydraulic applications but also in inert gases. In industrial applications the laser labelling on the housing ensures clear part identification. Even in adverse environmental conditions, the sensor remains permanently identifiable. Thanks to IO-Link the pressure sensor continuously transmits process values such as system pressure and – with the PV80XX types – system temperature. Even pressure spikes are counted and provided as data. Moreover, the measurement results transmitted digitally via IO-Link are more accurate because there are no conversion losses by D/A converters or external influences.