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Radar sensor for harsh environmental and weather conditions

Distance sensor

The R1D distance sensor detects objects by means of a focused radar beam. The powerful technology also allows the detection of targets whose reflection properties are poor.

The data obtained in this way can be clearly visualised using the “Vision Assistant” software. For example, the distance profile can show multiple objects simultaneously, while their relative speed can also be output at the same time.

Reliable detection in harsh environments

With its long range, shock and vibration resistance properties and different operating modes, the radar sensor is designed to accurately detect objects even in the most adverse conditions.
Whether in rain, snow, strong wind or extreme dust: the powerful radar sensor technology ensures reliable operation at all times.

Possible applications of radar distance sensors

The result is a wide range of applications for the sensor, for example the detection of vehicles such as trucks and ships, during docking processes at loading and unloading ramps. In addition, the radar sensor enables conveyor belt monitoring with regard to load and speed and scores in car washes with its robustness against spray. In a nutshell: a true all-rounder in distance and speed measurement.