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New generation of OGD distance sensors

Even more performance

The new generation of tried-and-tested distance sensors from the OGD series combines all the advantages of their various predecessor variants in just one device. The user is now presented with a choice of operating modes for optimisation in terms of either high measuring distances, maximum precision or high measuring frequencies. This reduces the number of variants while enabling an optimum adaptation to a wide range of applications.

Versatile use

The sensors of the OGD series measure distance values with millimetre precision. They are ideal assistants for positioning objects or checking presence, for example in quality control. The reflectance values can also be used, for example for identification in sorting tasks. The areas of application are wide-ranging: whether handling technology, robotics, assembly automation, conveyor technology or logistics; the new OGDs are universal problem solvers for your automation!

Light- or heavy-duty?

The choice is yours. We now offer the OGD in both plastic and stainless steel housings.

Distance measurement with extras


The sensor can be set either directly on the device by using the three operating keys and the 4-digit display, or conveniently from a distance via IO-Link. Speaking of the display: it can do more than just display the current measured value reading. A red-green colour change indicates the status of the current measurement in a clear and simple way. In addition to the distance value, the reflectance value can also be output for evaluation via analogue output or IO-Link, or signalled via switching output.