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The 2D vision sensors at a glance

Communication interface Process interface Illumination Lens Article no.

(8-pole, A-coded)
(polarisation filter integrated)
Standard 16° O2D500
Wide angle 30° O2D502
Telephoto 10° O2D504
Infrared Standard 16° O2D520
Wide angle 30° O2D522
Telephoto 10° O2D524

5-pole, L-coded
(Conformance Class B)
(polarisation filter integrated)
Standard 16° O2D510
Wide angle 30° O2D512
Telephoto 10° O2D514
Infrared Standard 16° O2D530
Wide angle 30° O2D532
Telephoto 10° O2D534

(5-pole, A-coded)
(polarisation filter integrated)
Standard 16° O2D540
Wide angle 30° O2D542
Telephoto 10° O2D544
Infrared Standard 16° O2D550
Wide angle 30° O2D552
Telephoto 10° O2D554

Wiring and triggering

Image capture can be triggered with a binary sensor connected to the trigger input (e.g. light sensor), a command via the process interface (EtherNet/IP or TCP/IP), or continuously with a fixed frame rate.

The following connection diagrams show the wiring of the vision and trigger sensors according to the connector version:

efector dualis Verdrahtung

From left to right: 8-pole A-coded, 5-pole A-coded, and 5-pole L-coded

For easy integration of trigger sensors and external illumination ifm offers also Y-splitters. See EVC847 (for trigger sensors) and EVC848 (for external illumination).

Additional illumination

While the integrated LED light source in the O2D code reader provides sufficient illumination for most applications, there are applications where additional external illumination is required.

Type Red light Infrared White light Illuminated area Description

O2D921 O2D922 O2D923 10 x 75 mm Highly diffuse and almost shadow-free illumination
O2D924 O2D925 O2D926 10 x 150 mm
Dark field O2D920 - - Ø 90 mm Emphasises surface characteristics such as needled codes

O2D915 O2D917 O2D919 Ø 106 mm
Ø 66 mm
Homogeneous and virtiually shadow-free illumination

O2D931 O2D930 O2D930 80 x 80 mm

Multi-angle illumination eliminates hotspots of difficult target shapes - "cloudy daylight".

O2D933 O2D932 O2D930 130 x 130 mm

O2D940 O2D941 - 25 mm rectangular Creates a sharp black/white contour on the outer edge
O2D942 O2D943 - 50 mm 2
O2D944 O2D945 - 100 mm 2