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  1. Vision sensors
  2. O2D vision sensor
  3. Applications


What are typical applications?

The 2D vision sensor Dualis combines contour and blob analysis in one device.
It pays attention to every detail of both surfaces and contours, and can thus solve a variety of error proofing and inspection applications throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Position detection of a punch-out

Checking the correct punch-out position

  • The contour of the punched hole in combination with the outer edges (reference contour) is detected
  • The punching process must not only have been performed, it must also have been done in the correct position


  • Detection of the outer contour to determine the position and contour of the punched hole
  • Prevention of production waste due to incorrect punching position

Detecting nuts on a body panel

Checking the presence of mounted sheet metal nuts

  • Simultaneous contour detection of several sheet metal nuts
  • Missing or faulty sheet metal nuts are reliably detected
  • Incorrect parts are sorted out


  • More reliable due to position independence compared to laser sensors for nut detection
  • Simultaneous monitoring and localisation of several sheet metal nuts for simple and fast fault analysis

Presence monitoring of threads

Checking the presence and number of threads

  • Detecting the number of threads
  • Counting the pixels of the thread reflection
  • Detecting inconsistencies on the thread surface and sorting out unmachined components


  • Detecting and sorting out incorrect parts during operation
  • Preventing faults, such as oil leakage, to minimise machine failures

Surface area detection and monitoring of completeness

Checking the presence and amount of mastic

  • The number of areas where mastic has been applied is checked
  • Despite different shapes, the presence of mastic is detected
  • The amount of mastic can be determined based on the surface area


  • Efficient material usage thanks to quantity checks
  • Preventing incorrectly glued parts

Injection moulding

Monitoring of the injection moulding process

  • Quality monitoring and acceleration of the injection moulding process


  • Unclean casting is detected
  • It is detected when the mould is ready for the next cycle

Wooden beam detection on pallets

Automated depalletising

  • Controlling the robot arm for depalletising by means of the vertical longitudinal beams


  • Alignment of the robot arm can be realised automatically
  • Misalignment of the grippers is prevented

Cap check

Filling requires fast and accurate capping stations

  • Checking the presence and correct fit of the cap


  • Simple, reliable and quick check of the cap fit by means of background illumination

Cable colour recognition

Completeness check of the cable harness

  • Detecting if all wires are present.


  • Wire colours can be imaged and detected using different light wavelengths
  • The pixel counting algorithm detects the wires based on the set threshold of the grey scale.

Toothed wheels sorting

Detecting the correct toothed wheel

  • Recognising from details whether the correct object is present.


  • A standard lens camera mounted 300 mm away provides a resolution of 0.07 mm/pixel for the contour algorithm to find the edges of the toothed wheel.
  • Automated error checking ensures that customers reliably receive the right toothed wheels.

O-ring assembly

Presence monitoring in the automated O-ring assembly

  • Check for presence and correct assembly


  • The right O-ring is recognised and verified by means of the contour detection based on a taught image.