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Universal sensor O2U: code reader and object detection in one unit

First vision sensor with IO-Link

Vision systems are indispensable for many applications, especially in quality inspection for the identification of codes or the inspection of components. The O2U builds on the success of its predecessors, the O2I5 and O2D5, which have already solved numerous industrial applications. This new universal device combines the performance of its predecessors and thus offers the possibility of: simultaneously checking different code types, such as 1D and 2D codes or characters (OCR)

  • reliably detecting surfaces and contours of components and checking their quality
  • tracking objects dynamically thanks to the anchor function
  • measuring components and detecting the position and orientation
  • thanks to robot-sensor calibration, object positions and rotations can be sent directly to the robot in the appropriate coordinate system.

This opens up a multitude of new possibilities for solving both existing and new applications.

The O2U in detail

Product benefits of O2U

A universal device with all existing functions
The new device offers a combination of surface inspection, contour detection, 1D and 2D code reading, character recognition (OCR) and several anchor functions for component tracking.

Support for all common interfaces
The following interfaces are supported: TCP/IP, ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP and IO-Link.

Easy set-up / operability with ifm Vision Assistant
Operating our vision sensors with "ifm Vision Assistant" is simple and intuitive, as no programming knowledge is required.

Versatile filter options for reliable object detection
Various colour options and polarisation filters allow the sensor to be adapted to a wide range of applications and environmental scenarios to ensure reliable object detection.

Effective real-time monitoring and device replacement
Thanks to real-time monitoring by checking factors such as image parameters, live image or search zones (ROIs), deviations can be detected as quickly as possible and rectified by transferring the reference image when the device is replaced.

Robust against ambient light
The sensor is extremely robust against the effects of ambient light as it uses several images with different image capture parameters.

Applications for the O2U

Automotive industry
The sensor simultaneously reads the barcode of a vehicle door to identify the object and performs a contour analysis to check the dimensions.

Robotics & assembly
First, the robot reads the code. It then carries out a component search to place the right product in the box.

The sensor records the dimensions of pallets while reading the attached codes.

Automotive supplier / metalworking
While a contour analysis is carried out on the punched-out part, a pinned 2D code is read out for further component tracking.

Automation and control systems
A component-specific quality inspection is performed depending on the codes read.

Packaging industry
While the expiry date and serial number are being read, the sensor checks in parallel that the label is correctly affixed.

Features of the O2U

Triggering and system integration

Image capture can be triggered by a binary sensor at the trigger input (e.g. light sensor) or a command via the process interface (EtherNet/IP or TCP/IP). Alternatively, continuous recording with a fixed frame rate is possible.

ifm offers Y-splitters for simple integration of trigger sensors and external lighting elements. See EVC847 (for trigger sensors) and EVC848 (for external illumination).

  1. O2D5xx vision sensor
  2. PC for parameter setting
  3. Industrial PC or PLC for evaluation and control
  4. Binary trigger sensor
  5. Voltage supply
  6. Optional additional illumination

Added value thanks to IO-Link

  • Simple integration with IO-Link because the O2U universal sensor can be integrated directly into an existing IO-Link infrastructure
  • Easy teach-in for application settings on the sensor
  • Vision Assistant software for complex vision tasks
  • Data via IO-Link in fast COM3 standard, automatic splitting of data blocks
  • Sensor parameters can be set directly from the controller, thus simplifying adjustment to changing products or operating processes

Target, distance and product selection

FAQ about the O2 vision sensors