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Application packages for O3M camera systems

3D collision warning system package IO-module package

• Robust driver assistance system for the detection of obstacles in the path

• Early detection of reflectors, e.g. persons with safety vests

• Early warning of potentially dangerous situations to the driver

• Ideal for retrofitting to existing machines

• Extends the camera system adding binary and analogue inputs and outputs

• Easy retrofitting on mobile machines without a bus system

• User-friendly parameter setting with the ifm Vision Assistant

• Including CAN connection cable and all necessary adapter cables

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3D collision warning system for mobile machinery

Easy retrofitting

The 3D collision warning system is based on the established 3D sensors from ifm. It precisely detects obstacles and visualises them in a 2D image on a monitor. This keeps the driver informed about the trigger of the alarm and the area to be monitored at all times. Thanks to powerful algorithms, false tripping is virtually excluded. The system is set up easily via the supplied operating display, no PC is required.

“Ready-to-start” application package

The set includes all components to set up a fully functioning collision warning system on a mobile machine, e.g. a fork lift, wheel loader, excavator, reach stacker or transport vehicle within a few minutes.

Features and benefits

Avoid accidents

The driver can have poor visibility of some areas around the machine which can lead to dangerous situations. Further accident risks result from time pressure or fatigue of the machine operator. The ifm driver assistance system, which supports the daily work of the driver, provides the remedy.

Active obstacle detection

The active obstacle detection developed by ifm monitors six danger zones around the vehicle and warns the driver of imminent collisions in good time. For this purpose, a tried-and-tested 3D time-of-flight system from ifm is used which reduces false alarms to a minimum thanks to a sophisticated algorithm. Warnings are provided visually, acoustically and in the form of icons via the supplied 7" monitor.

Detection of reflective clothing

Thanks to a special classification of reflective materials, e.g. reflective vests or clothing, the collision warning for persons can be given priority over other objects. This increases the safety of persons.

Retrofit set for mobile machines

Particularity: The driver assistance system is provided as a ready-to-start application package. It contains all necessary components including any cables and mounting accessories. This means it can be easily retrofitted on all mobile machines with 24 V on-board system voltage*.

Easy setup

After mechanical installation of the system and plug & play wiring, set-up is carried out within a few minutes via the supplied colour display. Only a few parameters are required in the intuitive set-up process. Then the system is ready for operation.

Extended functionality

For special requirements, expert settings are available during set-up. Pre-programmed inputs and outputs are available for an additional signal light, buzzers, standby operation or the ready status of the system.

Suitable for robust applications

The 3D sensors are suitable for robust applications in indoor and outdoor areas. A high protecting rating and shock and vibration resistance as well as a wide temperature range meet all requirements for use in mobile machines.

* Please contact our service centre if you have a different on-board system voltage.

I/O module for 3D camera system O3M for mobile use

Easy extension for additional inputs and outputs

The O3M 3D camera system is provided by default with a CAN connection for integration in mobile machines, on which this bus is often installed. On machines without CAN bus, the new I/O module can be connected directly to the 3D camera by means of the supplied connection cable. The module extends the system adding binary and analogue inputs and outputs, which can then be connected to a controller without a bus system.

Intuitive parameter setting and programming

The I/O module is pre-programmed and ready for use. Easy parameter setting or complex logic programming allow the module to be adapted to the individual application by means of a user-friendly graphic function block diagram in the "Vision Assistant" software.

Features and benefits

Inputs and outputs for 3D camera system

The I/O module extends the 3D system O3M, which by default only features one CAN connection and one Ethernet connection, via additional binary and analogue inputs and outputs. In total, the I/O module provides 2 analogue inputs (0...32000 mV), 10 binary inputs, 1 PWM output and 11 binary outputs, which are all pre-programmed. A CAN bus allows for connection of the I/O module to the 3D system. The pre-assembled jumper cable as well as the connection cables for the inputs and outputs are supplied with the module.

Parameter setting and logic creation

Parameter setting of the 3D system and logic creation is done via the ifm Vision Assistant. The I/O module does not require any programming. The logic is represented graphically in a kind of function block diagram in the Vision Assistant. It can consist of simple AND/OR functions but it can also involve arithmetic operations with memory options.

Easy retrofitting

The I/O module is perfectly suited for retrofitting 3D systems on existing mobile machines or industrial plants, which do not feature a CAN bus. It just requires connecting the module's inputs and outputs to the existing system in order to allow, for example, for control of acoustic or optic signal generators and actuators. In industrial plants, connection to the existing PLC is achieved via the I/O module's binary outputs. This considerably simplifies the integration of the 3D camera system.