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  1. O3M 3D Smart Sensor – Overview
  2. Technology

O3M 3D Smart Sensor - Technology

PMD time-of-flight technology

The PMD (photonic mixing device) time-of-flight technology ensures detection of scenes and objects with just one image capture in three dimensions and without motion blur. The scene is illuminated by modulated, invisible infrared light and the reflected light hits the PMD sensor.

High-performance measuring system

Thanks to the patented PMD technology, it is possible to have a high repeatability of the measured data even on materials of different reflectivity. The multi-phase measuring system even detects interference caused by dust or water mist formation.

Sophisticated algorithm

With a highly developed algorithm from the automotive sector and a frame rate of up to 50 frames / second the sensor allows fast and reliable calculation of the 3D information. Thanks to the specially modulated infrared light, a continuously high recognition rate can be achieved even with reflective material of different intensity. All that with a minimum response time of only 40 ms.

Integrated diagnostics

Interfaces such as CAN with J1939 or CANopen and Fast Ethernet are integrated as standard. Self-diagnostic functions from the sensor to the IR system illumination unit continually monitor the system status.