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  1. O3M 3D Smart Sensor – Overview
  2. Application examples
  3. Line guidance

O3M 3D Smart Sensor – Line guidance

A highly developed algorithm with generic recognition of linear contours provides the machine driver with a selection of recognised lines and their guidance. With interrupted contours the data is interpolated.
This ensures that guidance does not stop in case of smaller interruptions. An offset function ensures fine adjustment between the vehicle and the line to be followed.

All functions at a glance:

  • Automatic swath detection and line guidance
  • Integrated algorithms to calculate the position deviation from the ideal line
  • Indication of the volume flow [m³/s] of the harvested material*
  • Provision of driver steer recommendations to the machine control system

In the field of agricultural machines, a reliable and efficient harvesting process is very important because of narrow harvest time windows. For many years now, ifm has been developing sensors and control technology specially for robust outdoor applications.

With the smart 3D sensor O3M151 from ifm, a new application solution for automatic swath or line guidance is now available. Using more than 1,000 individual measurements, a linear contour such as for example a swath is detected in a split second and automatically tracked.


Besides the actual line guidance, the volume flow of the harvested material can be determined at the same time so that the speed of the tractor unit or harvester can be adapted to match the quantity of material.

The sensor provides the machine control system with all the data required to enable assisted steering or even automatic torque control.

*In order to calculate the volume flow, the speed of the tractor must be known.


Grape harvesting machine
To relieve the driver and to protect the plants the 3D sensor transmits all relevant data for automatic steering along the grape row to the machine control system.