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ifm has the solutions to your cordset challenges
  Delivery time Total install cost Reliability Application environment
Challenge The machine is ready to ship, but the supplier can't deliver the cordsets on time. Total install cost of the sensors is too high because of the price of the cordset. Cordsets can fail due to ingress at the connection point, wire breakage due to over-flexing, and overall wear from high shock and vibration. It's difficult to find the right cordset that's compatible with a specific application.
ifm solution
  • Production lead time in hours instead of weeks
  • Build-to-stock model: 2 - 3 months of inventory
  • Daily air shipments to distribution centers
  • 95% fulfillment rate the same day
  • List price starting at $11.00
  • Applied throught the plant without increasing the total install cost significantly.
  • Completely sealed against ingress
  • Protection ratings of IP67, IP68 and IP69K.
  • Integrated o-rings that are compressed to maintain seal
  • Rated for over 5 million flex cycles
  • Lock-in-place connection for security in shock and vibration conditions
  • Materials of construction for the jacket, o-ring and coupling nut matched to the environment
  • Every cordset tested to confirm reliable operation and compatibility