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Temperature sensors

Industrial machines often require a consistent temperature measurement to ensure production quality and understand machine condition. ifm developed a robust temperature sensor product line to fit the needs of a variety of industries. If your machine needs a temperature switch for simple on / off functionality or requires a temperature sensor / temperature transmitter to receive precise and reliable temperature values, ifm provides a solution. 

Using Resistant Temperature Detectors (RTD) technology and undergoing stringent environmental testing, ifm encases temperature sensors in hermetically sealed stainless steel designs to ensure top quality performance in the harshest of conditions.

ifm offers a full range of temperature sensors tested for food and beverage production, rated IP69K for caustic and acidic solutions common in washdown cycles and sanitary environments. For machine tool and automotive applications, ifm offers a range of temperature sensors that can withstand weld slag and residue. For the steel, metal, and glass industries, ifm offers temperature monitoring with infrared temperature sensors that can withstand high heat applications due to noncontact, infrared measuring principles. 

With these various applications in mind, ifm provides temperature sensor products suited for a range of installation depths, environmental conditions, media types, operating range, and temperature ranges including high termpatures. Simply follow the Select By Application button to compare ifm product groups by media and measuring technology principles to find the best sensor for your application.


Almost all ifm temperature sensors have come equipped with IO-Link technology for close to a decade, allowing you to increase the amount of process data available to you and to log that data over time for trend analysis. This technology is truly plug and play for whenever you want to harness its power. Simply plug your sensor into ifm’s IO-Link masters and send your sensor data directly to your SCADA, MES, ERP, or CMMS systems for analysis through the IoT port without interfering with your existing PLC infrastructure.  IO-Link is the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution, commonly referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), underlying concepts like predictive maintenance.