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Error proofing: reliably ensure product quality in every stage of the process

The value of an end product is determined along the entire value-added process: the quality of every component, every manufacturing process and every assembly step affects the final result. In the current edition of “Impulse – the ifm magazine” we show you the challenges in automated and manual processes and the solutions ifm offers. Using the example of a component, the path of the product is traced from production through product control to quality assurance prior to shipping. The solutions are presented in a practice-oriented manner.

And what about the quality assurance of ifm products? This edition provides a rather unexpected answer to this question.


Topics of this episode

  • The OEE criteria explained in simple terms (0:00-2:25)
  • Smart print run control for workpiece machining (2:26-8:26)
  • Profile, contour, surface: indications for error-free assembly and processing (8:27-13:34)
  • Correctly packed and well glued: Quality assurance in intralogistics (13:35-17:56)
  • ifm mate: AI support for error-free manual manufacturing processes (17:57-24:09)
  • ifm products in an uncompromising quality check Down Under (24:10-27:53)


  •  Host:

Philipp Erbe is the host of the ifm magazine Impulse.

As an editor in the company’s product communication, he has in-depth knowledge of ifm’s hardware and software products as well as customer demands on automation and digitalisation solutions.


  • Guests:

Marcel-André Beu has been working for ifm prover for two years. In 2019, he took over responsibility as product manager for flow sensor technology. He coordinates the development and market launch of his products and visits customers worldwide.


Monique vom Stein has been working in product management at ifm since 2019, covering the range of position sensors. In her role she is responsible for the product development and market launch of photoelectric sensors. In addition, she provides international sales trainings. She incorporates the market insights gained through customer visits and market research worldwide into product optimisation and development. 


Dr. Julia Siegel has been working as Product Manager in the field of photoelectric sensors and is responsible for the ifm mate worker assistance system at the ifm group of companies. She coordinates developments, international market launches and market research, and advises customers on their applications.

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