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High product quality and accurate technical data are unimpeachable values of ifm.

Extract from ifm's philosophy

Quality and performance of the products from ifm electronic gmbh are exemplary. These requirements also apply to our own value-added process. Together with our partners we are working every day on becoming better.

Reliability and flexibility

ifm wants to offer outstanding product quality, service, and reliability.

Extract from ifm's philosophy

We offer our customers absolute reliability, adherence to delivery dates and high availability of all catalogue products. To achieve this high degree of reliability and flexibility we need partners that also have this requirement on themselves. 

Competitive costs and prices

Low costs without quality and service are as bad as quality and service that cannot be financed [...].

Extract from ifm's philosophy

The material costs have a very large influence on our product costs. To be able to offer our customers highest quality at a favourable price we involve our suppliers in the development of new products at an early stage. We expect this transparency also from our suppliers, for example when it comes to pricing.

Compliance and environment

ifm intends to be a moral company.

Extract from ifm's philosophy

Suppliers are selected objectively in the interest of ifm. In particular, quality and price have to be taken into account, but the sense of social responsibility and the working conditions of the supplier also play a decisive role. 

ifm also demands compliance with European standards with respect to health and safety at work and child labour from ifm suppliers worldwide. 

We assume the responsibility for the effects of our activities. Thinking globally and acting locally - that is the principle of our commitment. In accordance with our corporate principles we tolerate neither corruption, nor bribe nor child labour. Our partners share the same ideals. 

Furthermore we are striving for qualitative growth, i.e. ensuring that an increase in production does not entail exploitation of natural resources and pollution of the environment at an equal rate. Setting up and implementing a holistic environmental management is therefore an integral part of securing the future of our company. We want to produce in an environmentally friendly way and be successful by doing so. We have these expectations also towards our suppliers and service providers.

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Becoming a supplier

Measuring and controlling

Since the foundation of the company in 1969 ifm electronic gmbh has continuously optimised technical processes in almost all industries. ifm is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the automation industry. 
More than 9.055 employees in over 150 countries develop and sell solutions for about 160.000 customers in machine construction and other industries. One of ifm’s strong points is the extraordinarily broad product portfolio that does not only include standard solutions but also caters for special requirements from individual industries. 
To provide our customers reliably with high-quality products on time and at competitive prices, we need high-performance partners.

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