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Robotics and assembly

Depth measurement

Checking the tightening of a screw

In this application, the correct tightening of a screw needs to be monitored. This is virtually impossible with a 1D system as its light spot can only focus on one of the two positions, i.e. completely versus partly tightened. With camera systems, the installation effort would be extensive compared to the PMD Profiler's quick set-up despite the same precision. By means of this precise depth measurement, the PMD Profiler can be applied in a variety of applications, like for example the detection of laser labelling or the fraying of conveyor belts.


In the case of a conveyor system for sealing plugs it is very important to detect whether the sealing rings are completely and correctly arranged. This requires a level of precision and alignment that, contrary to the PMD Profiler, 1D sensors with only one laser spot cannot offer. As the sealing rings come in different colours, the PMD’s colour independence is also a decisive advantage.

Brakes can be found in various forms and applications. In the case of this application, it must be ensured that a brake is combined in the design intended for the end product, in this case a hospital bed. Based on the height profile, the PMD Profiler not only checks whether the right brake model has been used, but also enables a flexible change between applications (e.g. brake A for the final product A, brake B for the final product B): up to 10 target profiles can be stored with the OPD101.