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Automotive industry

Sorting and orientation

Monitoring whether the correct metal ring has been mounted in the required orientation

The PMD Profiler is used in the automotive industry, for example. In this application there are hardly any differences between the reference component (left) and the incorrect component (left). The PMD Profiler detects any deviation by comparing the profile of the object to be inspected with the accurate profile of a reference component on the basis of which it then determines the matching value. If this value is below a freely selectable threshold value (for example 85%), the Profiler interprets this as a fault or bad part and outputs a corresponding switching signal.

Gap control

Checking the latching of an interconnected clamping system

The PMD Profiler checks to see if a connector is latched completely. Gaps indicating insufficient latching can be detected in order to prevent scrap or, if undetected, failures at the customer. Via the Region of Interest function, the focus can be placed on up to two limited sections of the overall profile. This brings out the deviation in percent between good and bad parts more clearly, thus increasing the accuracy of fault identification.

Installation of welded parts

With its high precision, the Profiler detects even minor misalignments and can therefore ensure the correct positioning in this example before the welding process is started.

Compared to the camera systems that are normally used in this case, the PMD Profiler is robust against extraneous light and, thanks to its flexibility in positioning, even outrivals 1D sensors.