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Assuring the quality in a wide variety of applications

It only takes a few steps for the photoelectric sensor to be ready for use and identify the profile of an object via laser line scan.The similarity between the reference and the target object is provided as a value between 0 and 100 percent.This way the sensor detects whether any components, installation procedures, grooves or bore holes do not comply with the target status - with a deviation of only 0.5 millimetres.

For maximum product quality in every industry.

The Profiler does not only verify the presence of an object, but it checks whether the correct component has been used and properly installed. This qualifies it for various applications in the automotive, food and pharmaceutical or plastics industry, as well as in robotics, assembly and handling applications or electrical engineering.

Automotive industry

The PMD Profiler is used in the automotive industry, for example. In this application there are hardly any differences between the reference component (left) and the incorrect component (left). The PMD Profiler detects any deviation.

Food and pharmaceutical industries

The PMD Profiler checks the correct orientation before another task, such as packaging, is performed.

RoboticsRobRobotics and assembly

In this application, the correct tightening of a screw needs to be monitored. This is virtually impossible with a 1D system as its light spot can only focus on one of the two positions, i.e. completely versus partly tightened.


The PMD Profiler checks the correct orientation before another task is performed.