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Position feedback for valve actuators

Detect two positions with one sensor
The valve sensor principally consists of two inductive sensors arranged on top of each other in one housing. Depending on the orientation of the target puck, the upper or the lower sensor switches.

The system operates without contact and is absolutely free of wear. This ensures maximum reliability and a long service life.

The target pucks are available in two designs:
either for standard applications with targets offset by 90 ° or with an adjustable switch angle.

Premounted damping elements minimise installation.

The orientation of the target puck can be seen from the outside. Thus it can be easily inserted and fixed at the end of the shaft without complex adjustment. The target pucks are designed for a shaft height of 30 mm or 20 mm (with adapter). Due to the standardised mechanical dimensions and hole centres the sensors and target pucks can be installed on all common actuators.

Permanently reliable:
Wear-free due to non-contact inductive switching principle.
Long service life since only corrosion-free materials are used.

Ready for operation in no time:
Coordinated fixing accessories for quick mounting.

Valve position in view:
LEDs on the sensor indicate the valve position. The position indicator on the target puck ensures that the valve position can also be clearly seen at a distance.

NAMUR valve to standard:
Corresponds to the German standard VDI/VDE 3845 for uniform connection points on actuators.

Position feedback on pneumatic quarter-turn actuators with AS-i connection

Position feedback and valve control
The ifm valve sensors of the T family are used for position monitoring and for controlling pneumatic valve actuators via solenoid valves.

Up to two input and output signals are transmitted via a 2-wire bus cable to the AS-i master using AS-i at a lower cost than conventional wiring.

With only one AS-i master up to 62 actuators and solenoids can be monitored and switched. For diagnostic purposes, wire break and short-circuit at the valve are monitored. This provides additional safety.

System solution:
AS-i is a manufacturer-independent standard for bus connections of actuators and sensors of the first field level. ifm electronic offers AS-i as an all-in-one solution.

The sophisticated AS-i technology provides high reliability and machine uptime.

Modular structure and flexible connection technology ensure easy integration into the AS-i system.

A two-wire flat cable transmits data and energy, eliminating complex parallel wiring.

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