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Measuring light grids for easy object monitoring in intralogistics

  • Simple object dimensioning in intralogistics without complex programming
  • High resolution for precise object detection

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Ease of integration due to a standardised IO-Link interface
  • Selective evaluation of beams to determine the dimensions or distances between objects

For optimised logistic processes

The measuring light grids are perfectly suitable for monitoring intralogistics processes. An evaluation of how many and which light beams are obstruct-ed is provided and can be used to detect whether the conveyed objects are in the correct and safe transport position. With a beam distance of 10 millimetres, the height and width of pallets, packages and boxes, too, can be precisely detected.

Precise monitoring with IO-Link

Five different measured values in total can be transmitted via IO-Link using the multi-beam system. The height, position, but also the contour of one or several objects can be derived from these values. What is more, diagnostic information on operating hours are determined and transmitted digitally for needs-based maintenance.