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Twice as good: inductive sensors with analogue output and IO-Link

  • High-precision distance measurement for early diagnosis of mechanical changes
  • Distance measurement and switch using only one unit

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Flexible use due to adaptable output range
  • Measured value transmission without any loss via IO-Link
  • More functionality with full compatibility using standard input devices

Prepared for plant retrofit

The new inductive analogue sensors are fully compatible for use in existing plants. A wide range of functions and information are provided additionally via IO-Link.

Increased measurement accuracy with IO-Link

On the one hand, conversion losses or electromagnetic interference are avoided thanks to digital communication. On the other hand, the detection range of the sensor is freely scalable via IO-Link – allowing also adjustment of the switch-on curve. Thus, the resolution can be specifically maximised whenever tiny changes in distance, for example caused by first stages of wear, need to be detected quickly. When connected to an ERP, the digital data can be used to implement automated, demand-based maintenance.