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Huge IO-Link performance in a tiny M8 housing

  • Long sensing range, minimal space required
  • Easy installation and replacement thanks to standard M8 connector

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • The ideal solution where space is at a premium: remote IO-Link parameter setting
  • Process reliability guaranteed by switch point monitoring for detection of wear
  • Diagnostic functions, such as internal unit temperature monitoring, help prevent failures

Excellent performance in a small housing

With 3 mm (flush) and 6 mm (non-flush), the sensing range is much than the standard of conventional M8 sensors. Thanks to the high switching frequency of 600 Hz, the sensors also solve demanding position detection tasks where space is limited.

More performance thanks to IO-Link

In addition to the switching output, the sensor has an IO-Link interface. Convenient remote parameter setting is also possible. Thanks to the high precision, the user can monitor the switch point to the nearest millimetre and detect mechanical deviations e.g. caused by wear at an early stage. Extensive diagnostic functions, such as integrated unit temperature monitoring, provide additional safety in the installation by sending early warnings in critical applications.