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moneo vAppliance: the virtual machine

For the operation of moneo in virtualisation environments

With the moneo vAppliance, there is another solution for using the moneo software in your network. By using virtualisation technology, existing IT resources can be used. The required computing power, network connection and storage capacity is provided by existing servers and storage systems.

The set-up of moneo is particularly fast and uncomplicated with the vAppliance. After importing the vAppliance into your data centre in the Open Virtualization Format (OVF), the application is available within a very short time.

This means that investments already made in the protection and availability of your IT infrastructure also become applicable for moneo. High availability technology can thus be used to provide moneo with a fail-safe IT infrastructure and sufficient computing power at any time.

With the moneo vAppliance, you receive a virtual machine that is optimally matched to the requirements of the moneo modules in terms of security and operational stability. The integrated Appliance Management System (AMS) is an easy way to ensure the necessary measures for IT operations. For example, the AMS includes functions for remote support, the installation of security and function updates as well as simple data backup options. The system also provides information on the status of the moneo vAppliance and the moneo services.

moneo and the AMS can be conveniently accessed via a web browser.

The vAppliance is compatible with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. Information on the versions of the virtualisation environments can be found here.

moneo vAppliance – the virtual solution for your production

  • Simple: Download the OVF file, import it and start the virtual machine. Initial configuration is conveniently carried out via the Appliance Management System
  • Efficient: through shorter provisioning times and better utilisation of existing hardware
  • High availability: existing (high) availability solutions can be used for moneo

The moneo vAppliance is the ideal solution to operate the moneo software in virtual environments.

Please note: The required licences to operate the moneo products must be ordered separately.

moneo licences for moneo appliance