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moneo edgeConnect: the communication interface

Translates sensor data into readable information

With the help of moneo edgeConnect, devices and data sources can be connected to moneo OS. For example, an ifm IO-Link master with connected IO-Link sensors or diagnostic electronics for vibration can be read out by ifm together with the connected sensors. moneo edgeConnect thus enables the transfer of data from the machine level and translates it into readable information for processing in moneos current and future apps and applications. An increasing number of ifm devices can be connected via the ifm IoTCore connector, including selected base stations for wireless connection of sensors.

Using the appropriate connectors, moneo edgeConnect can even send the process data and calculated values collected in moneo to a cloud or another third-party system. Tickets generated by moneo can also be sent to a target system with the corresponding configuration. In addition, an OPC UA server can make data available from moneo for a system with OPC UA client.

moneo edgeConnect thus builds bridges between the production and automation systems, the internal information systems and cloud platforms.

Currently, moneo edgeConnect supports the data acquisition from ifm devices such as IO-Link masters (AL 13/19, see technical requirements), diagnostic electronics for vibration sensors (VSE), ifm software agents and selected systems with ifm IoTCore interface. What is more, moneo enables the outgoing data transfer to the cloud platforms Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure and other third-party systems via MQTT or OPC UA server. Further connectors are being developed.

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