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System solutions


Hardware / software / know-how

System solutions to ensure the process capability of machines

Transparency, efficiency and connectivity are the keywords when it comes to optimisation, cost reduction and monitoring of manufacturing processes. The prerequisite for this is continuous communication from the smallest unit (e.g. sensors installed) to complete production lines, factory halls and locations. A worldwide networking and communication of the manufacturing industry.

Condition monitoring - preventive maintenance and service

Expensive production downtime due to wear can be detected at an early stage using the LR SMARTOBSERVER. Maintenance and repair can be planned - downtime is reduced and expensive consequential damage is avoided.
And when it comes to energy monitoring, the LR SMARTOBSERVER also proves to be suitable.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Transparency and process optimisation
  • Increase of uptime
  • Quality assurance
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Energy-efficient, ecological production
  • SAP connectivity

Energy process values of the corresponding sensors (flow, current, quantity, etc.) are transmitted to the LR SMARTOBSERVER software via IO-Link, controller or VSE unit. Differentiated display and evaluation diagrams, also in combination with predefined alarm mechanisms, ensure continuous monitoring and analysis of the energy values. These evaluations are the basis for cost-optimised and resource-efficient manufacturing processes.