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Monitoring and condition-based maintenance of compressed air systems

Continuous diagnostics:
Full coverage of the real operating hours.

Early detection:
Monitoring of machine and equipment parts for leakage.

Maximum efficiency:
Permanent monitoring of the parts, resulting in higher performance and ensured quality.

Easy integration:
ifm offers solutions for different machine and equipment parts.

Applications for compressed air systems

Monitoring of production machines and important compressed air consumers:

  • Condition-based maintenance of the components
  • Identification of cost drivers
  • Replacement of parts can be planned
  • Constant quality of the products made
  • Machine performance ensured by the online measurement
  • Scalable enhancements
  • Reduction of compressed air costs
  • Detection of the actual operational performance of a cylinder

Cost reduction
Condition-based maintenance as required instead of fixed service intervals. Replacement of parts can be planned.

Prevention of unplanned downtime
Basic monitoring, vibration diagnostics on rolling element bearings. Early detection of motor damage, dry running or cavitation.

Process optimisation
Data acquisition and analysis. Maintenance when needed.

Implementation independent of your IT department
Application package from the sensor to evaluation and network-based analysis.

From sensor to ERP
Can be extended to other applications and/or ERP systems.