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  1. Cylinder sensors
  2. Cylinder sensor with IO-Link

Intelligent cylinder switch for T-slot

The MK cylinder switch with IO-Link is distinguished by two configurable hardware switching outputs and further features made possible thanks to digital data transmission. For example, the sensor can learn the target stroke time and compare it to the actual value with the help of the ‘Teach in application’ function. In addition, the data storage function makes it easy to replace and restart the sensor.

With a housing length of 30 millimetres, the sensor is perfectly suited for end position monitoring on short-stroke cylinders. Thanks to two configurable switch points, it can monitor two end positions. This saves time and costs thanks to less installation and wiring complexity. The cylinder sensor is also ideal for inline quality monitoring thanks to its two switch points and linear signal output. The magnet attached to the piston ensures that magnetic fields are already detected in front of the sensor housing. This results in a total detection range of 50 millimetres.

Product benefits

One sensor with two configurable switching points
This not only provides additional functions and increases productivity, it also saves time and costs.
Diagnostic functions enable preventive maintenance
Stroke time measurement, a switching cycle counter and the detection of the device temperature help you reduce the cost of downtime.
Remote access thanks to IO-Link
IO-Link enables remote access to the sensor parameters, meaning the sensor can also be set from outside the machine.
Quick set-up
Less installation time as one sensor covers two switch points, as well as more flexible switch point setting via the digital teach function.
Data storage for easy replacement
Automatic adoption of the individually configurable sensor settings ensures easy replacement of sensors.


Short-stroke cylinder with both end positions

Thanks to the second configurable switch point, the cylinder sensor with IO-Link can monitor both end positions on short-stroke cylinders with a stroke of up to 50 mm.
The signals can be set as required according to the cylinder types used.

Continuous position monitoring

This sensor can perform highly accurate monitoring tasks on pneumatic cylinders. With the relevant properties such as a repeatability of 0.2 mm, a linearity error of < 5% and a resolution of 0.01 mm, the sensor easily solves quality assurance tasks.

Inline quality monitoring

Thanks to the second switch point, the IO-Link cylinder sensor is ideally suited for detecting workpieces and errors in the placement process.
Using the window function, incorrect loading of the machine can be detected and directly reported to a controller.

Condition monitoring

Machine performance can be optimally monitored, even over longer periods of time.
Thanks to the new ‘Teach in application’ function, the sensor can also assume diagnostic functions for the pneumatic cylinder. The sensor determines a reference runtime and can detect when and how much the current stroke times deviate from the ideal state based on a permanent target/actual comparison. If the application-specific tolerance set by the user is exceeded or not reached, a warning is issued.

System connection

Digital communication down to the sensor

  • Precise transmission of the piston position
  • Constant and high resolution across the entire measuring range
  • Decentralised IO-Link masters reduce the amount of cabling required
  • Seamless digital documentation
  • Sensor data can be used in an IIoT context


moneo: the IIoT platform

  • Maintenance actions can be planned
  • Parameter setting
  • Condition monitoring
  • Communication between OT and IT level

Added value thanks to IO-Link

  • Bluetooth adapter
    Enables access to sensors via smartphone for easy parameter setting and reading of process values and events of all IO-Link devices connected to the master.
  • Remote maintenance
    Remote maintenance and parameter setting via established fieldbus systems and IO-Link
    - No superstructures necessary
    - Cost savings and increased safety
  • Plug & work
    The cylinder sensor can be configured quickly and easily via IO-Link. Only one parameter is required.
  • Loss-free data transmission
    IO-Link enables loss-free data transmission, as conversion losses are excluded via digital communication and external influences, such as magnetic fields, have no effect on data transmission.

ROI example calculation

Undesired downtimes are particularly relevant for production facilities with a high output rate of manufactured products. The failure of an insignificant pneumatic damper on a linear slide in an assembly production line has caused the system to stand still for a certain time.
The new sensor can monitor the stroke time on this linear slide or on any linear actuator with a magnet.

Fully automatic production line with 6,000 parts/day in 2 shifts
Standstill due to defective damper 2h T
Maintenance staff €50/h K
Production standstill, 375 parts/hour at €10 €3,750/h P
(rejects not included)    
Costs for the damper €30 M
Number of damage cases per year 2 E
Savings per year   S
S = ((K+P) x Tx E) + M
S = €15,230