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moneo RTM: the analysis software

The powerful condition monitoring tool

The state-of-the-art condition monitoring system moneo RTM enables set-up of user-specific dashboards. This gives the user the opportunity to have the plant status at a glance and to acquire important process information. In the event of damage, an alarm message will be sent directly to the user. This makes it possible to react quickly and avoid a possible total failure. It is also possible to forward this damage report by e-mail to inform corresponding maintenance personnel in good time. Comprehensive data analysis, less downtime, more efficient maintenance planning and cost-optimised production processes.

moneo RTM – intelligent organisation of maintenance and service tasks in production

  • Intelligent: simple organisation of preventive maintenance and service of production plants - cost-optimised
  • Transparent: Visualisation and analysis of machines and installations
  • Informative: real-time alert via moneo OS in case of damage
  • Efficient: increased product and process reliability

moneo RTM is powerful condition monitoring for machines and installations.

The RTM Advanced Vibration Analysis add-on: detailed damage assessment

In order to make more data available to assess a damage, this add-on reacts as soon as an alarm is triggered in moneo RTM. This is the case if the predefined parameters are not reached or exceeded and damage to the machine or plant becomes likely. The raw vibration data will then be automatically recorded. This can then be visualised in the time and frequency range. This makes it possible to identify damage or anomalies and initiate timely maintenance. For advanced diagnostics, additional raw data files can be created that the user can download in various formats.

Detailed damage assessment with the RTM add-on licence for raw data recordings of VVB sensors.

Intelligent: by displaying the development of vibrations over time, damage can be diagnosed more accurately.

Launch campaign for the RTM Advanced Vibration Analysis add-on

Benefit from the launch campaign for unlimited recording of vibration raw data.

Buy once - unlimited use.

moneo licences

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