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Read more about the smart valve sensor

The next generation of valve monitoring

Valve feedback systems have been further optimised in the course of time.
Today, many outdated systems are still in use.

  1. Generation: no feedback, just visual indication.
  2. Generation: mechanical switchboxes: prone to errors, high degree of wear, high maintenance requirement.
  3. Generation: inductive sensors: They solve the problems related to mechanical switches, but only signal the end positions "open" and "closed".
  4. Generation: Smart valve sensor: By means of continuous position detection, the sensor senses and detects potential valve problems, so that they can be solved before any expensive downtime will occur.

Detection of seal damage

The smart valve sensor detects valve problems at an early stage.
Supplied raw material of insufficient quality, adhesive or viscous media, corroded pipes or a collection system absorbing solids and oils may cause that a valve will not fully close.
Since it detects imminent emergencies, the option to also monitor the closing and opening times of the valve in addition to the end position can easily avoid ten thousands of Euros required for maintenance, materials and unplanneddowntimes.

Mechanical wear reduces the thickness of the seal. The valve will close faster.

The benefits of IO-Link: acting instead of reacting

In production, valves play an important role in process technology. The product quality depends to a large degree on valves functioning properly.

With the smart valve sensor's continuous position feedback to the nearest degree, the operators now have full process transparency and can ensure continuous production quality at any time. In case of critical maintenance tasks, early signalling of imminent malfunctions avoids unplanned production stops thanks to maintenance based on the actual requirements.

Valve monitoring with IO-Link

  • Early warning of deviations in the opening and closing times of the valves prevent poor production quality.
  • For visual monitoring, the valve position can be shown in real time on a user interface.
  • The immediate signalling of blockages and leaks guarantees flawless production quality.
  • Changes in the opening and closing times are indicated with a time stamp. This simplifies the planning of maintenance measures based on the actual requirements.

Customer reference

On the way to Industry 4.0, PMC Ouvrie has automated its processes with the help of IO-Link, making them significantly more stable and reliable.

Tbe efficiency of the Dynavia seed treatment process has been significantly improved using IO-Link and the smart valve sensor.

Dynavia is a company specialised in coating seeds with fertilisers to promote growth. They have implemented many aspects of Industry 4.0, including the smart valve sensor. This sensor provides a lot more information than just the end position. Unplanned downtime is reduced since the maintenance and operation teams can intervene more efficiently and reliably.


The smart valve sensor uses magnetic technology to detect the position of quarter-turn valves. It provides a continuous feedback signal; the valve position is maintained even in case of a power failure.

Mechanical switchboxes are still being used for valve position feedback. The solution of the second generation of valve feedback systems, however, is often not sufficiently protected against penetrating humidity, so that this may cause process-related failures. The smart valve sensor has protection rating IP67, so that it is ideally protected against moisture and humidity.

Simple and reliable alternative to switchboxes

  Mechanical switches
(2nd generation)
Smart valve sensor
(4rd generation)
Service life in the application Short life-time since mechanical parts will wear, break or tilt. Long life-time since sensor technology does not need any moving parts that can wear
Feedback of valve position valve open
valve closed
End position and continuous position. Warning of deposits and blockages.
Dimensions Often large and bulky. This reduces the space required to install the valve. Compact housing saves precious installation space
Installation Often complicated because several components must be installed and adjusted. The sensor can be installed in a few minutes.
MVQ smart valve sensor mounting accessories
Shaft height
Shaft diameter
[mm - VDI/VDE 3845]
Article no.
30 < 38 80 x 30
130 x 30
20 - 40 > 38 80 x 30
130 x 30
30 - 50 > 38 80 x 30
130 x 30