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  1. Valve sensors
  2. Rising stem valves

Position feedback for rising stem valves

Precise monitoring of rising stem valves
efector valvis resolves the stem travel down to 0.2 mm. Within the measuring distance three valve positions (e.g. "open", "closed", seat lift position) can be set via a pushbutton.

In the analogue version efector valvis transmits the whole measuring distance to the PLC via a standard analogue signal.

Thanks to the high resolution the sensor detects beginning of seal wear, for example. This means that it can be used for condition-based maintenance.

AS-i integrated:
The AS-i communication system is ideally suited for feedback from several valves. efector valvis is therefore also available with integrated AS-i interface.

Easy set-up:
Uncomplicated programming by pushing a button replaces mechanical adjustment to the respective valve positions.

Different adapters:
ifm offers adapters for valve types such as APV/SPC, Bardiani and GEA for the connection of different rising stem valves.

Freely programmable: efector valvis signals the valve piston position via three switching outputs: valve open, valve closed and any interim position, e.g. for the detection of seat lift or seal wear.

End position monitoring on rising stem valves
The end positions of rising stem valves are often monitored by inductive sensors. They provide a high protection rating (up to IP 68 / 69K) and are designed for a wide temperature range so that they also withstand high-pressure steam cleaning processes without any problems, for example. Small sensor tolerances allow precise position detection. Installation is possible above or underneath the actuator, open or in the housing. To minimise wiring, the use of the AS-i bus system is a good choice.
Several sensors are connected to the decentralised AS-i modules. From there a two-wire AS-i bus cable transfers the signals to the master or the controller.

Tried-and-tested for the extreme requirements in hygienic and wet areas. Designed to permanently withstand high temperatures, temperature shocks and aggressive cleaning agents.

Housing completely made of stainless steel or in combination with PEEK.

Common housing types and lengths for installation in different applications. Increased sensing ranges ensure flexible installation for mechanical tolerances.

The ingress resistance to protection IP 69K prevents penetration of moisture.

Safe connection:
ecolink EVF – the optimum connector for hygienic and wet areas.

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