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  1. Valve sensors
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Position feedback for hand valves and ball valves

End position feedback for hand valves and ball valves
This mounting set makes it easy to fit feedback sensors to manually activated valves. A large number of sensors and pucks can be used on the 80 x 30 mm actuator interface to VDI/VDE 3845. The entire system can be used at ambient temperatures from -30...80 °C.

Versatile and flexible
The upper part is made of Vestamid and allows operation in hazardous areas. The lower part fits on many ISO flange valves (DIN EN ISO 5211) and is connected to the valve shaft by a shaft extension. Stainless steel components guarantee increased service life.

Suitable for ISO top flange valves from F04 to F10.

Easy installation:
Easy fixing on hand valves and ball valves.

Height-adjustable for flexibility.

Long life:
Almost indestructible stainless steel components resistant to chemicals.

Suitable for hazardous areas.

Target pucks for position feedback

Flexible target pucks, fixed (90°) or adjustable angle

Quick and easy to mount The mounting orientation of the target puck is recognisable from the outside. This allows quick and easy mounting on the shaft end of the actuator without the need for further adjustment. The preassembled damping elements reduce installation complexity. The target pucks are designed for shaft heights of 30 mm or 20 mm in combination with an adapter.

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