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mobile IoT gateway for global data exchange

Interface between machine and man

The mobile IoT gateway is the dialogue interface between the mobile machine and the cloud level. Via an Ethernet interface and in future also via CAN, the gateway transmits all relevant data from the vehicle to the cloud via mobile network or WLAN.
The gateway itself can also transmit information about acceleration and inclination as well as position data.

Efficient maintenance and operation planning

The mobile IoT gateway is configured via ifm’s IoT suite, which can be used free of charge. The data and information can then be displayed and processed in a central IT-based machine management system. In the IoT portal, which is also available in the IoT suite, you can, for example, keep an eye on the current health status of your machines at all times via freely configurable dashboards.

This means that maintenance requirements can be responded to quickly and in a targeted manner, reducing downtimes to a minimum. Besides, it is possible to import application-specific machine configurations or software updates via mobile network. Thanks to satellite-based positioning, the machine’s location can be determined precisely at any time. For simplified local maintenance, the gateway can also be accessed via WLAN or Bluetooth.