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CANwireless: effective local M2M dialogue

Efficient interaction of collaborative machines

The CANwireless modules enable machines to automatically exchange relevant data in a local mesh system via WLAN or Bluetooth. For example, with vehicles driving in formation, driving speed and direction can be precisely synchronised.
Further information, such as the remaining load capacity, can for example help optimise process flows in the removal of goods.

The device has two CAN interfaces, allowing for transmission of both, data from motor control and sensor data collected via another CAN network.

Reading maintenance requirements, importing updates

Depending on the operating mode, the CANwireless device automatically connects to an existing network for data exchange or establishes its own network. This allows, for example, maintenance staff to read out data via a laptop on site or import software updates.

Targeted information exchange

To relieve the mesh system of unnecessary data transfer, the user can freely define the data to be transmitted via the CANwireless interface.