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ISOBUS gateway for agricultural machines

Efficient smart farming made easy

The ISOBUS gateway enables easy integration of the smart farming-relevant ISOBUS functionalities in the control programme of agricultural add-on units. Thanks to the supplied ISOBUS function library, visualisation for the add-on unit can be configured quickly and conveniently using CODESYS V2.3 or V3.5.

Thanks to optimised data processing, only the values to be visualised on the tractor unit’s display are transmitted, reducing the load on the data bus significantly.

Making full use of the Task Controller

In addition to the Virtual Terminal and the AUX-N function (Auxiliary Control Function), the automation functions TC-Basic, TC-Geographic and TC-Section Control of the “Task Controller” smart farming interface can also be fully used via the ISOBUS gateway. With the M12 connector, the ISOBUS gateway can be easily connected with any mobile controller from ifm via the CAN interface, even subsequently.

No additional licence fees for using the AEF certified ISOBUS gateway will be required.